(from Hoosiers for Medical Liberty) -

Forced vaccination via social pressure happened during covid.

The American Government manipulated businesses into doing their dirty work by requiring vaccines for entry.

Indiana has a supposed “vaccine passport ban," and legislators want you to believe they don’t want vaccine passports.

Is that true?

Legislators who vote for SB47, “vax pass lite” are ignorant or don't care about your rights.

They will tell you the QR code with your vaccine record is voluntary. However, COVID taught us otherwise.

Call the following and tell them “vote NO on SB47 vax pass lite. Indiana does not want to participate in vaccine passports.” First reading referred to committee on Health and Provider Services.

Stacey Donato & Michael Crider 317-234-9054

Ed Charbonneau & Vaneta Becker 317-232-9494

Justin Busch 317-232-9488

Mike Bohacek 317-232-9541

Jean Breaux 317-232-9847

Liz Brown 317-232-9400

Tyler Johnson 317-232-9466

Jean Leising 317-232-9493

Eddie Melton 317-232-9432

Shelli Yoder 317-232-9534

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