This week Vice President Garrett Bess, and Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project joined the Sentinel Call to highlight a few things Sentinels should know heading into this November’s elections. If you missed the call, you can listen to the recording here.


Beware of Washington Speak


One saying Sentinels should beware of in the next few weeks is that Congress needs to “clear the decks” before heading into the new year. If Republicans win back majorities in Congress, they should not roll over and let Democrats write an omnibus bill during “lame duck” before newly elected representatives take office.


A spending bill is more than just dollars and cents. It is also how policies are implemented. An omnibus would let Democrats implement the policies of the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi agenda for an entire year after they have potentially lost their majority.


Winning power only to fail to fight for the people who elected you is why people hate Washington so much. The newly elected Congress should have a voice in the next budget fight. The next few weeks, Congress will be in recess and on the campaign trail. Now is the time to engage with current and potentially incoming members of Congress. Sentinels should make it clear: no lame duck legislating.



Election Integrity on the Ballot


The past two years, numerous states have passed laws to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. Additionally, lawyers on the right have fought back against Democrat lawyers' attempts to use the courts to make sweeping policy changes. And so, the Left is now seeking a third avenue—ballot measures—to push back against election integrity.


That said, there is nothing fundamentally nefarious about ballot measures. And conservatives are behind several important ballot measures this election cycle as well, many which will improve election integrity.


Often, the problem is that the Left resorts to deceptive language about their ballot measures to try and sway the vote. WHY? Because voters are on our side. Polling shows that policies like voter ID are popular with the American people.


Here are a few ballot measures to be aware of:


Strengthening election integrity


ARIZONA - Proposition 309, if passed, would require universal photo ID for in-person and mail ballots.

LOUISIANA - Amendment 1, if passed on the December 10 ballot, would ensure only US citizens may register and vote in the state.

MASSACHUSETTS – Question 4 is a veto referendum that could repeal House Bill 4805, which allowed illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. If the question fails, and is voted down it would return state law to prohibiting individuals who cannot verify citizenship or immigration status from obtaining a driver's license.

NEBRASKA - Initiative 432, if passed, would amend the constitution to require photo ID to cast a ballot.

OHIO - Issue 2, if passed, would ensure only US citizens may vote in any election in Ohio and prevent local governments from allowing non-citizens to vote.


Weakening election integrity


CONNECTICUT – Question 1, if passed, would create early voting.

MICHIGAN - Proposal 2, if passed, would remake and weaken state election laws. It would add to the Michigan Constitution:

• that you will never have to show I.D. to vote ever again

• guarantee the private funding of elections

• could allow incarcerated felons to vote

• add 500 drop boxes, with no provisions to ensure they are secure

• create a permanent mail-in voting list, where absentee ballots are sent automatically in perpetuity

• remove independent election audits

• create nine days of early voting

• allow frivolous lawsuits to change election laws for partisan advantage

NEVADA – Question 3, if passed, would implement ranked choice voting. The proposal would have to pass this November, and again in two years in order to be adopted. Ranked choice voting is a bad choice.

What can Sentinels do? Learn about the ballot measures you will be voting on and engage! Here is a list of proposals on the ballot in every state.


Beware Corporate Media Spin


Post-Roe polling shows “Roe” at an all time high, which is driving Democrats to attempt to make the election about abortion only. There is an important nuance here—the polling also clearly shows that Americans are very opposed late-term abortions. But misunderstandings about Roe lead many Americans to favor some level of access to abortion. Those misunderstandings are supported by a corporate media that is backing the Left.


The Left is doubling down on abortion, because they are losing the argument with Americans on immigration, the economy, education and parental rights and even healthcare. Conservatives should not take the bait of the mainstream media, which tries to define the debate as about healthcare. We should show the radical nature of the Left. Few countries in the world have as radical policies as the Democrats support.


And again, the polling clearly shows around 75% of Americans are firmly against late-term abortion and infanticide.


With truth on our side, the most important thing we can do is be engaged with candidates who care about the issues we do. Engage with your friends, family, and neighbors.


We need to get out the vote!

Keep up the fight,

Stephanie Kreuz
Regional Coordinator
Heritage Action


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