This week, Hans von Spakovsky, Manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative for the Heritage Foundation joined us to talk about Heritage’s upcoming event on audits. If you missed the call, you can listen/watch the recording here.


Every State Needs Audits

Audits are common in business fields, but less familiar in elections. Audits are a part of honest and fair elections. It’s important that there be audit standards and principles that help to guide who should conduct audits and how they should be carried out.


An audit should look not just at the way the election was conducted, but also how things were conducted leading up to the election. A recount of the votes is not an audit. A few things to evaluate (though by no means an exhaustive list) are:

• Cleaning up and ensuring the voter registration list is accurate.

• Comparing the number of ballots cast and ensuring it matches the number of voters that checked into vote and absentee ballots returned.

• Examining hardware and software to ensure it has not been tampered with.


>> Read Heritage’s Full Report: Best Practices and Standards for Election Audits


The locality that conducted the election should not review their own performance. There should be an evaluation of what happened during an election, why, and what steps could be taken to prevent any abuse from happening again.


Texas is one of the few and first states to have requirements for a comprehensive state audit. Heritage has an upcoming event that is a great opportunity to learn about audits, and gain information to equip you to persuade legislators in other states to work on implementing audit reforms.


Learn more about Election Audits - Join this Event:
It’s Time to Audit: Every State, Every Election
Date: Thursday, October 20th
Time: 12:00-1:00pm ET


>>> We’d love to have you attend in person if you live close to D.C., but it’s also going to be streamed for Sentinels online. Get more details and register to watch online.


Upcoming Events

It is an action packed fall for Sentinel Nation! Be sure to check out some of these upcoming events that may be near you!

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GEORGIA – October 24th, Sentinel Strategy Call broadcasted from Atlanta. Reach out to Regional Coordinator James Quarles at for more details on location and to attend in person.


ARIZONA – October 25th, TWO events. Join Heritage in Phoenix for a Education Freedom Report Card Celebration Then head over to the PVUSD & SUSD School Board Candidate Forum in Scottsdale Reach out to Regional Coordinator Nathan Duell at with any questions.

SENTINEL SUMMIT – November 10-12th. An opportunity for Sentinels all across the country to gather for encouragement, fellowship, strategy, and training for the fights ahead.

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Stephanie Kreuz
Regional Coordinator
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