This week Florida Senator Rick Scott joined us as a special guest on the Sentinel Call. He discussed why it is important for Republicans to hit the ground running with a clear policy agenda and the upcoming fight on government spending. Vice President Garrett Bess also joined us for an update on the Respect for Marriage Act (H.R. 8404). If you missed the call, you can listen to the recording >>>HERE<<<

Marriage Vote Delayed
Senators have delayed the vote on the Respect for Marriage Act (H.R.8404) until after the election. Previously this bill was merely a political effort, designed to divide and put pressure on Republicans before an election. Now, it has moved toward a lawmaking effort. While this means a short-term victory, it suggests supporters of the bill may believe they now have the 10 Republican votes needed to pass the legislation in a 50-50 split Senate.

Congress should not be making policy in the lame duck session, after many legislators have just been voted out of office by their constituents.

>> Take Action: Sentinels should continue to contact their Republican senators and urge them to OPPOSE this bill. It could come up for a vote at any point after the election.

Electoral Count Act

>> Take Action: Urge your representative to vote NO on the Presidential Election Reform Act (H.R. 8873).

This week the House will vote on the Presidential Election Reform Act (H.R. 8873). This bill from Reps. Lofgren and Cheney modified the Electoral Count Act, which deals with the procedure for counting and certifying electoral votes after a presidential election.

While there have been good faith negotiations in the Senate on clarifying the role of the Vice President in counting electoral votes, the House’s bill attempts to completely hijack this effort. Instead, the House bill is designed to energize the Democrat base and demonize Republican voters as a danger to democracy.

The language of the House bill begins with very partisan and inflammatory language about the events of January 6. The bill was clearly written to make a political statement, not gain bipartisan support.

And on the substance of the bill, there are clear problems.

The bill also places strict limitations on the reason a member of Congress can object. There may be cases of fraud or widespread voter suppression in a state, and under this bill, a Member of Congress would be prohibited from objecting.

Additionally, the bill gives governors the final say on certifying state electors, despite it being the state legislature that has the constitutional authority to determine the electors of a state. Final authority should remain with the legislatures.

>> Take Action: Urge your representative to vote NO on the Presidential Election Reform Act (H.R. 8873).

Sentinels sometimes ask – how does Heritage Action choose key votes to go on the scorecard? The scorecard highlights votes that show contrast between the Left’s view and an American view. It helps educate and inform citizens of key fights happening on Capitol Hill, and a tool to hold their elected officials accountable. While not every vote can be included on the scorecard, it highlights some of the most critical.

It also serves as an indicator to Congress that a vote is something grassroots care deeply about. You, Sentinels are the tip of the spear that is going to save this country, and key votes are a tool to help carry your voice to Capitol Hill. It shows the seriousness of a vote, and is comprehensive – showing a range of policy priorities.

One NEW tool to help influence members of Congress to take the right stand is the Sentinel Action Fund. Unlike many Super PACs it is not DC-based but a voice for Sentinels. Check it out at

Government Funding Negotiations 

Senators Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently wrote, “It’s time for Republicans to stand united and demand that Congress pass a clean continuing resolution (CR) that simply maintains current federal spending levels—and not a penny more—until a new Congress begins.” We could not agree more with their new op-ed.


Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chip Roy have led letters in their respective chambers, with members of Congress publicly indicating their opposition to any continuing resolution that empowers Democrats to pass a massive spending package in the upcoming lame duck session of Congress. Read the letter.


Progressive Democrats are currently holding government funding hostage over the Inflation Reduction Act. If they maintain their position, this means Speaker Pelosi will need Republican votes to pass the CR. Republicans should use this leverage to demand a “clean” CR – without any Left-wing priorities tacked on – that goes through Q1 of 2023.


>> Take Action: Urge your senators and representative to demand a clean continuing resolution that maintains current federal spending levels until a new Congress begins.


As Sen. Scott, so aptly reminded, your voice matters. Thanks for calling your representative and senators on these important issues.

Janae Stracke
Director of Grassroots
Heritage Action


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