SB47 Success! You did it!



You did it! Thanks to quick action from Indiana SHF advocates, Senators Donato and Rogers have agreed to pull their bill. Officially, it has only been removed from the hearing schedule for tomorrow, but we have reason to believe that it will not be brought back at all. 


Thank you to everyone who took swift action and made those two important phone calls over the last few hours! (No further phone calls are needed at this point.)


We do not send out calls-to-action until or unless the situation calls for it. We always strive to work with bill authors on our concerns first, and to amend where possible. Our team has been working hard over the last several weeks to encourage clarifying amendments on SB47 that would have stated vaccine passports cannot be used to grant or deny access to services or public spaces in Indiana. That amendment would have granted us deeper protections than we currently have. Our team communicated with the bill authors that this type of amendment would have garnered our support of the bill, but without the amendment we would have to oppose. 


Today, with no amendment filed and being within 24 hours of the vote, we asked for your calls to rally behind this approach. And it worked! While language offering greater protections against vaccine passports would have been great, we are happy to have defeated a bill that (without the amendment) would have created the dangerous infrastructure for anyone seeking to steal Hoosier freedom. 


We hope this background info helps explain some of the work we have been doing, and why we do not always rush to a call-to-action. The right amount of pressure, at the right time, and in the right way is most effective. 


We have other irons in the fire and there will be more alerts coming in the weeks ahead. We hope we can continue to earn your trust in our strategy as we continue to prove our success in the Indiana legislature. 


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and for taking action when we make the request. None of this would be possible without you! 


In Solidarity,


The Indiana SHF team



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