ESG policies are a thinly veiled attempt to radically transform corporations into social justice warriors. Pro-ESG businesses support the Left's "woke" culture war to redefine gender, promote critical race theory, and cancel American values.


Thankfully, the Indiana House has introduced a bill to fight back HB 1008.


ESG is short for environmental, social, and governance. Advocates on the Left commonly describe ESG as criteria for making strategic investment decisions to aid environmental or social causes one cares about. In reality, companies that adopt ESG policies risk failing Americans who have invested their savings and bought ownership stock in the company.


From requiring public companies to appoint board members based on race and sex, to requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be reported, ESG is destroying American workplaces and weakening America by moving our society into dangerous dependence on foreign oil, creating social credit scores, and demanding investment decisions based on pro-abortion policies.

HB 1008 helps protect Indiana from the ESG movement.


This important legislation would make it clear that fund managers who invest Indiana’s state pensions have a primary fiduciary duty to act in the sole financial interest of the shareholder – Indiana. State investments, such as INPERS, should be invested to get the highest return – not to advance the Left’s political or social agenda. HB 1008 also ensures Indiana’s investment shares have to be voted according to Hoosier values, not woke corporations.


The opposition is already lining up in opposition to this bill. Your representative and senator need to hear from you. Email them TODAY, and urge them to support HB 1008.

Stephanie Kreuz
Midwest Regional Coordinator 
Heritage Action

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