The groundwork for vaccination passports has

already been laid..

A few times a year, leaders of 20 of the richest countries in the Western world meet informally to discuss the global economy. Recently, the group (G20) made a sweeping declaration that included an endorsement of proof of vaccinations for global travel. President Joseph Biden agreed. But this is not the will of the vast majority of American people.


Many Americans have no idea the groundwork for vaccination passports has already been laid. You need look no further than your pocket or purse for the answer.


Click here or the button below to read about the companies, countries and organizations that have been working on the technology and legal legs for vaccine passports, and what we can do to protect travel, privacy, and informed consent.









You can use your voice on this issue today. There is hope as we emphasize our foundation of local control. Click to take action to help us get over 100,000 signatures telling U.S. Reps that the WHO and other global organizations do NOT have the right to violate our civil liberties, human rights, and medical freedom. 


In Solidarity,

Stand for Health Freedom